Fonda is awarded the “Global Top 100 Semiconductor Lighting Demonstration Projects" in 2018

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Update time : 2018-10-25 16:37:00
The international consortium for semiconductor lighting (ISA) announced the 2018 results of the "Global Top 100 semiconductor lighting demonstration projects" at the member conference of 2018 year. It has been 7 years since the global semiconductor lighting demonstration project was selected as the top 100 projects. Each year about 10-15 projects will be selected from all over the world, and so far, 73 representative demonstration projects have been selected globally. 

“Jiaxing smart lighting control project” of Fonda is awarded the “top 100 global semiconductor lighting demonstration projects" by international semiconductor lighting alliance (ISA) in 2018, and Fonda is the only awarded enterprise in the field of outdoor smart lighting. Fonda created IoT platform for Jiaxing which realized smart control by almost 50000 street light. The smart lighting control platform has been successfully realized in many project intelligent management of over 50,000 lights, for example, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jakarta, Indonesia, Yinchuan in China and in other large smart city projects. Therefore Fonda has accumulated abundant experience of industry.
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Happy 10th anniversary of Fonda! Happy 10th anniversary of Fonda!
Sep .10.2021
Here, the best wishes for our employees, customers and partners!Thanks for walking along the way for 10 years. Fonda will keep innovative to create a more prosperous and successful future!
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