LoRAWAN Gateway

A communication bridge between server(by 2G/4G/Ethernet) and LCU(by LoRa), update by OTA, 12V DC input, IP67.
 - LoraWan products based on Semtech SX1301 .
 - 10 channels: 8*Multi-SF + 1*Standard LoRa + 1*FSK.
 - It supports GPRS/4G and Ethernet interface.
 - Long distance: up to 5KM.
 - It controls up to 3000 nodes.
 - Speed:125K-500K for option.
 - IP67 waterproof performance.
 - Optional frequency band: 470M, 868M, 915M.
 - With GPS positioning function, gateway positioning function.
 - With antenna lightning protector to protect the equipment and prevent lightning strikes.
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