PLC Concentrator

Item No.: FONDA-RTU200
Concentrator, a communication bridge between server(by 2G/4G/Ethernet) and LCU(by PLC). Built-in LCD display and smart meter, it supports 4 digital switch, update by OTA, 100-500VAC, IP54.
 -  LCD display.
 -  High-performance 32-bit ARM9 MCU.
 -  Embedded Linux OS platform.
 -  With 10/100M Ethernet interface, RS485 interface, USB interface.
 -  It supports GPRS/4G and Ethernet communication mode.
 -  Firmware upgrading: online, cable and local USB disk.
 -  Built-in smart meter: remotely data reading (including external meter).
 -  Built-in PLC communication module.
 -  Built-in RTC, support local scheduled task.
 -  Built-in 4 DO, 8 DI (6DC IN+2AC IN).
 -  Optional configuration: GPS.
 -  Fully sealed enclosure: anti-interference, withstand high voltage, lightning and high frequency signal interference.

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