Fonda empowers "Lingyin Microbrain" in Hangzhou

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Update time : 2020-11-27 15:44:00
On Nov 27th, "Lingyin Microbrain" of the west lake district in Hangzhou, was released at Zhejiang University. Fonda carried out a retrofit of the existing light pole to smart pole "micro brain", as a successful demonstration of deep cooperation between urban management and technological innovation.

The object of this retrofit is an ordinary light pole located in the commercial part of the tourist area. According to the requirements of "law enforcement with social distance", camera monitoring, intercom, one-button alarm, weather station, and bike detector are added to the original light pole. With these functions, an ordinary street pole has been transformed into a smart pole with a "smart street manager" function. Furthermore, a broadcasting speaker, charging pile, automatic alarms for a manhole cover, weather forecasts, LED display, 5G base stations and other devices could be installed on the smart pole according to different requirements, to provide citizens with more convenient technology service.
The smart pole "Microbrain" selected functions that are closely related to the smart management of the tourist area. With intercom, the officers can speak to the illegal street vendors, the ones performing illegal parking or dog walking, and exhort them to stop.  The emergency call provides citizens guidance or helps when an emergency situation occurs. All kinds of devices on the light pole are connected to the central cloud platform, so that the officers could monitor, obtain evidence, and publish information in real time, handling law enforcement with social distance.


In addition, this smart pole is equipped with a share bike detector that can automatically identify the share bike brand, count the number, capture the illegal parking and give an automatic voice warning. As one of the highlights of “Smart pole Microbrain”, it reduces the cost of share bike management and maintenance, also improves the supervision efficiency on bike parking.
With the application of Fonda smart poles, it achieved law enforcement with social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic, improved the efficiency of supervision, enlarged the visual management area, and reduced conflicts effectively. At present, the "Lingyin Microbrain", has passed the preliminary pilot program, and would be replicable after further improvement. The "Lingyin Model" added a success case to Hangzhou’s "first city of digital governance" strategy.

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