How the National Skating Stadium hosts Green Olympic?

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Update time : 2021-03-25 17:39:00
The National Speed Skating Stadium (The Ice Ribbon) in Beijing is one of Beijing’s iconic buildings.  It has an area of 12,000 square meters witch is the largest speed skating venue in Asia. Its facade is highlighted by 22 "ice ribbons" with a length of 622 meters each. The curtain wall system is inspired by the Temple of Heaven. It will host the 2021 World Single Distance Speed Skating Championships and the speed skating competitions at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

With the completion of The National Speed Skating Stadium, it is officially powered for the smart lighting system. It uses Fonda's smart lighting platform to achieve one-button control that switches the multiple lighting programs. Lighting programs like Olympic rings, winter Olympic Mascot Bingdundun, would be pre-scheduled in the shoe list with a specific time in the period of  Olympic games.

In this project, the layout of speed skating venue lighting is specially customized that meet the requirements of the major events. The brightness of luminaires matches high-definition broadcasts during the event and also the general illumination during training and audience entry/exit by dimming. Fonda lighting systems combine world-class LED luminaires with analog and digital controls and every lamp could be controlled intelligently and independently, delivering exactly the right illumination experiences in the different use cases.

Green Olympics is one of the core concepts of the Beijing Winter Olympics. As the modernization of cities accelerates and upgrades, "nightscape economy" and "low-carbon lighting" have also become important for urban construction. Fonda Smart Control Cloud-based System with multiple functions such as lighting control, smart power supply, remote monitoring, GPS, etc., which not only demonstrates the spectacular color-changing lighting shows experiences, but also prioritizes energy efficiency, sustainability, and operational cost reduction to help hold the green Olympic.
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